The era of excellence in science and technology of the present era. In the modern world, science and information technology is playing a wonderful role like magical wood. The use of science and information technology in education has already created a huge stir worldwide. In this context, the Government of Bangladesh has undertaken a comprehensive program to bring all educational institutions under the uniform network with the utmost importance in the use of science and information technology to modernize the country & education system. 
In response to the government & call for modernization of the education system of Bangladesh, the education institutes which have already started using science-based education materials and information technology, are of the priority of Queens School & College. A number of smart class rooms have already been set up in the traditional educational institutions. Besides, the activities of a rich college management software system and web site have been completed in order to make college academic and administrative activities more dynamic and friendly to information technology. 
I am very happy to be the chairman of the board of governors of this School and College, after completing the information-technology centered activities in modernization of the education system. Through these programs, I hope the academic and administrative activities of "Queens School & College" will be more vigorous. My sincere greetings and congratulations to all those involved in the modernization of the education system.


Welcome To Queen's School & College


Welcome to Queen's School & College... ...

Admission Going On 2023 For HSC Students....With Hostel Facilities


Admission Going On 2023 For HSC Students....With Hostel Facilities.... ...

HSC Scholarship-2023


HSC Scholarship-2023 Is Available according to Merit List... ...

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Our Special Features... ...

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